Florida State Statute 332.0075 and Title VI Compliance

Required Information for St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport per Florida State Statute 332.0075 – Commercial service airports; transparency and accountability; penalty

In March 1941, construction started for the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport at its present site. After Pearl Harbor, the Airport, known as Pinellas Army Airfield, was used as a military flight-training base. After World War II, many army airfields were declared surplus and turned over to cities, counties, and state sponsors to manage. The Pinellas Army Airfield property was granted to Pinellas County in 1946 by the U.S. Government to operate as a commercial airport. It was originally called the Pinellas International Airport, and given the airport call letters, PIE.

The Airport Revenue and Operating Fund is an enterprise fund that accounts for all revenues and expenditures at the Airport. This includes management of passenger and cargo airline operations, military, and general aviation, along with commercial and industrial airport property. The Airport is entirely self-supporting, meaning that no property tax dollars are used to support the operation of the airport.

PIE is a department of Pinellas County Government and follows all Pinellas County Government policies and procedures.

Airport Budget

Section 332.0075(5)(a)1:  The approved budget for the airport for the current fiscal year.

FY24 Airport Budget FY23 Airport Budget FY22 Airport Budget

Airport 2021 Master Plan

Section 332.0075(2)(d):  This is a link to the draft report of PIE’s Master Plan Update, which is a planning tool to guide short- and long-term development to PIE to meet the future operational demands that may be required of the Airport over the next 20 years. The Board of County Commissioners approved the Master Plan Update via Resolution at its November 17, 2020 regular meeting. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accepted the Master Plan on July 7, 2022 from a planning standpoint.  The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) that was submitted with the Master Plan is currently being amended to include the new Airco Taxiways (Taxiway "D" and Taxiway Connector "G3").

RES 20-162 Adopt PIE Master Plan

Airport’s FAA Financial Reports

Section 332.0075(5)(a)2:  PIE must submit its financial data in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Authorization Act of 1994 and Public Law 103-305. The Certification Activity Tracking System (CATS) consists of two forms that disseminate Congressionally mandated airport financial information—CATS Form 126 and CATS Form 127.

CATS Form 126 CATS Form 127

CATS Form 126 - https://cats.airports.faa.gov/Reports/rpt126.cfm

CATS Form 127 - https://cats.airports.faa.gov/Reports/rpt127.cfm

 If you cannot access the reports by the website, type in St Petersburg/Clearwater Int'l next to “Airport”, and use the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate year.

Airport Employee Compensation and Organizational Chart

Section 332.0075(2)(g):  All Airport employees’ positions, pay grades, and FY24 annual salaries.

PIE Annual Salaries

To see the minimum, mid, and maximum of each pay grade, you may find them here:  https://pinellas.gov/classified-pay-plan

All job classifications and descriptions can be found on the alphabetical index listing on the following page:   https://pinellas.gov/class-specifications

Airport employees’ positions: 

PIE Organizational Chart

Pinellas County Public Bids

Section 332.0075(3)(a):  PIE is subject to Florida’s Chapter 287 for purchases of commodities or contractual services which exceed the $65,000 threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for competitively sealed proposals. This threshold is LESS than the Pinellas County’s Purchasing Division Policy of $100,000. An exemption is allowed in 287.057(3) or immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare or other substantial loss requires emergency action. Information on Pinellas County’s bid opportunities can be found here: https://pinellas.gov/current-bids/ 

Agreement with C&S Engineers Inc. - Passenger Terminal Improvements - Design & CA Agreement with Amadeus Airport IT Americas, Inc. FlagShip Janitorial Services Contract First Amendment to AGE Integrated Solutions, LLC for maintenance & repair of access control & video systems Extension and increase to contract with American Facility Services, Inc. for janitorial services Change Order No. 2 (final) with DS Jordan Construction, Inc for New Freight Elevator Award to AGE Integrated Solutions, LLC for maintenance & repair of access control & video systems Award of bid to Ajax Paving for Cargo Apron Reconstruction & Replacement of RW 9-27 Award of Contract to Marine Max, Inc. to Lease Property owned by PIE OshKosh Airport Products, LLC - Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle Kloote Contracting - Cell Lot Restrooms DS Jordan Construction Inc. - New Freight Elevator Agreement Design Services for New Airco Taxiways Agreement Design Services Cargo Apron Rehab & Replacement of Runway 9-27 Runway 18-36 Change Order 4 Final MCS of Tampa, Inc. Services Agreement Agreements for Rental Car Concession Services Replace Portal Gates 7-11 - Eveland Brothers, Inc. Eau Gallie Electric Inc - Relocate Electrical Vault Stratacache Services Agreement GCR Inc dba Civix Services Agreement Starmark International, Inc Agreement Agreements for Professional Engineering Services

Board of County Commissioners Meetings and Airport Approved Agenda Items

Section 332.0075(2)(a):  A link to the published notices of meetings and published meeting agendas of the upcoming meetings of the governing body, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.  https://pinellas.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

A link for information on current and previous meeting agendas.  By clicking on List View, you can change years using the drop down menu. Then click on the PDF in the Agenda column for the appropriate meeting agenda date.  https://pinellas.legistar.com/calendar.aspx

Section 332.0075(2)(b):  A link to the official minutes of the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners Meetings.  Click on the PDF in the Minutes column for the appropriate meeting date. https://pinellas.legistar.com/calendar.aspx

Section 332.0075(2)(f) : Airport Agenda Items

Second Amendment to the agreement with AVCON, Inc for New Airco Taxiways Project Application to FAA for BIL Airport Terminal Program Grant PTGA with FDOT for design and environmental work for Airco's airfield and site preparation Independent Audit Report of PIE Enterprise Fund, PFC and Compliance Reports 09.30.2023 FY2024 Operating and Capital Budgets Amendment_RES 24-32 Purchase Authorization Florida Airfield Maintenance for Airfield Pavement Markings 2024 Operating Permit for Non-Exclusive Commercial Ground Transportation with Sleep Inn Clearwater-St. Petersburg Manheim St. Pete Temporary License for use of County property Third Amendment to Purchase Authorizations w/ Mannington Commercial for flooring materials and related services Consent to Assignment and Assumption of Lease from Valley to NAC Group, Inc Purchase Order Authorization Florida Airfield Maintenance for Airfield Pavement Marking 1st Amend Lease Agreement & Assignment Brookline & R1 Clearwater Settlement Agreement Kimley-Horn Rwy 18-36 Twys G_G1_F Sheriff's Interlocal Agreement FY24 Countywide Plan Map Amendment and Ordinance Request for a zoning change at Airco property Request for land use change at Airco property Grant Agreement with the FAA for construction of Airco Taxiways Grant Application with the FAA for construction of Airco Taxiways U.S. Customs & Border Protection MOA & Cost Sign-Off Document Lease with Sheltair Aviation for hangar & office space for PCSO Resolution 23-16 & PFC Application #7 FDOT PTGA Amendment 1 - Apron Expansion & Taxiway Approval of the Emergency Agreement for Runway 18-36 Pavement Maintenance 2022-2023 FL Job Growth Grant Fund Application Interlocal Agreement with Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Amendment 1 to Grant Agreement with FDOT for Terminal Improvements Amended PFC Application #6 FAA Grant for design of new taxiways Grant Application to FAA for design of new taxiways PFC Application #6 and RES 22-46 U.S. Coast Guard Airport Service Contract Grant Agreement with FDOT for Terminal Improvements Grant Agreement with FDOT for Paving Strawberry Lot First Amendment to Grant Agreement with FDOT for new Taxiways 2021-2022 Florida Job Growth Grant Fund Application Airport Rescue Grant Agreement Airport Rescue Grant Agreement - Concession Swoop Airline Operating and Use Agreement Sun Country Operating Permit PInellas County Sheriff Interlocal Agreement 2021-2022 Grant Agreement with FDOT for new Taxiways Airport Coronavirus Response Grant - Airport Airport Coronavirus Response Grant - Concessionaire RES 21-14 PFC Continuation of 4-50 Fee PIE PFC Application 5


Title VI Compliance

Pinellas County, Florida's St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of its services on the bases of race, color, or national origin, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.  Additionally, 49 USC 47123 further prohibits recipients of financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Transportation from engaging in discrimination based on sex, religion, or creed.  Title VI complaints must be filed within 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination.


Title VI Complaint Procedure

To file a Title VI complaint, please read the Complaint Procedure outlined below and submit the information requested in the Complaint Procedure document to the following address:

Pinellas County Office of Human Rights Director
400 South Fort Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor
Clearwater, FL 33756

Title VI Documents

Title VI Policy and Grievance Procedure Complaint Form 49 CFR Part 21 PIE Title VI Poster

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