Ways To Relieve Stress at the Airport

Often, this is because people don’t fly as much as they use other forms of transportation. The airport might feel like an unknown environment, which leads you to feel stress. The next time you fly, try one or more of these proven ways to relieve stress.

St. Pete-Clearwater Airport Art

1. Get Lost in Your Favorite Music

Sometimes people recommend listening to relaxing music at the airport. But your idea of relaxing might not be classical or smooth melodies. If you feel most comfortable rocking out to heavy metal or the strains of opera, load up those tunes on your listening device. Play them in the car on the way to the airport and through your ear buds as you go through the process of checking in. They’ll likely make you feel like you’re safely cocooned in your own little world, surrounded by your favorite music.

2. Choose a Comfortable Seat

While you wait in the departure lounge for your plane to board, choose a seat that makes you feel the most comfortable. If crowds make you uncomfortable, don’t subject yourself to them for as long as possible before your plane departs. If crowds make you feel safe, sit down in the midst of the mayhem. Your most comfortable seat might be one that faces the window overlooking the tarmac, or it could be in the lounge across the walkway where you can see your gate but not be bothered with the other fliers.

3. Get to the Airport Early

One of the biggest stressors is having to speed to the airport, sweat while you wait in line to check luggage and then run to your gate so you don’t miss your flight. Make the entire airport experience much more relaxing by arriving to the airport early. Don’t cut your time so short that there’s any possibility you won’t make it on time. Pack the night before and be ready to head out the door in plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast and calm drive to the airport. Even if it means waiting a little longer for your flight to board, the reduced stress will be well worth it. At St. Pete Clearwater International airport you can always enjoy our public art collections. 

4. Review the Layout of the Airport

Airports can be massive buildings, with terminals jutting out in all kinds of directions. Signage isn’t always readily visible or clearly explained, either. It’s especially intimidating when you’re flying through a hub such as Atlanta International, where they actually have trains inside the airport to transport fliers to their gates. It can all be overwhelming and confusing. You can save a lot of stress simply by going online to the airport website and reviewing the airport layout. You’ll see that it actually makes a lot of sense, with each airline having specific terminals to work out of. When you have this map to rely on in your head, it will be much easier to navigate through the airport in person.

5. Focus on the Destination

Try not to think about your current location in the airport. This can cause you to get stressed about every little thing that goes on around you. Instead, focus on the purpose of your travel to begin with. Is it a business meeting where you’ll have an opportunity to land a new client for your company? A wedding event where you’ll be able to stand up for your best friend? Or is it a family vacation where you’ll create lasting memories with your loved ones? Focus on the destination, not the journey. After you’ve safely arrived at your departure gate, indulge a little bit and allow yourself to daydream about what you’ll see, do and accomplish on your trip. This is a form of escapism that will relieve your stress at the airport.

6. Qualify for the Fast Lane

The Transportation Safety Administration offers a program where you can be pre-approved as a “safe” flier. Apply online to be qualified to have a five minute or less wait in line, and be able to enter a totally different designated line for other fliers in the program. While you’ll still be screened, you’ll be relieved of the stress of going through the long, winding lines of other tired and stressed out passengers. Only certain airlines and airports participate in the TSA Pre program. Check online to find out if yours participates.

The more you fly—and use these stress-relieving ideas—the more comfortable you’ll be with the entire process. Remember that stress is just a natural reaction, but it can be successfully managed just like everything else.

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