Travelers Guide to Eating Well

May 31, 2018

Traveling creates stress on the body due to altitude changes and even time zone differences depending on your destination. Eating properly can help minimize these stresses, and should be an important part of your trip planning.

Before you leave home — Eat a hearty meal before you head off to the airport. Focus on protein and fiber as key ingredients of your meal. These will last longer than a carb-rich meal in the event you can’t eat again until your arrival. Take some snacks with you, particularly if you are diabetic or have specific dietary needs like gluten-free foods.

At the airport — If you were not able to eat at home, try to grab a meal before your flight. This is another reason why early arrival at the airport is important. It not only allows for crowds, but will give you time to eat. Use the same advice for choosing protein and fiber-rich foods. Ask the airport restaurants if vegan or gluten-free options are available... they are more accommodating than you might think. And keep drinking liquids, avoiding alcohol.

During the flight — You may be provided with airline food on longer flights. There are often lighter options available, like a salad or fish instead of a heavy pasta dish. Continue to drink water and other liquids, but keep avoiding the alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate you, making the effects of altitude and a dry cabin more severe.

At your hotel — Assuming you aren’t renting a home with a full kitchen, try to stay at hotels which offer a microwave and small refrigerator. You can even pay for these items at some hotels which don’t regularly offer them. This will allow you to fix healthier meals in your room versus eating the hotel buffet or nearby fast food restaurants. Ask the hotel for local supermarkets or grocery stores and stock up on breakfast foods, fresh fruit, and quality snacks. You will feel better and save some money too!

If you live in the greater Tampa Bay area, or plan to enjoy our beaches and other amenities by traveling here, use St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) as your preferred airport. We are convenient to St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa region.

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