Prepare for Your Next Flight with PIE

November 09, 2017

Security while traveling in the United States is provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It handles airport passenger and baggage screening as well all flight security. Travelers to and from PIE are subject to Federal regulations regarding consistent direction about what is allowed and is not allowed when traveling. Here is the checklist for US air travelers:

Liquids (The TSA 3-1-1 Rule)

  • 3.4 ounces is the maximum per container
  • One quart-size plastic bag is allowed for these containers
  • Only one bag is allowed per passenger
  • Exceptions in carry-on luggage include medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, juices or other liquids for passengers with specific medical conditions, and frozen items
  • When you pass through security, remove the quart plastic bag with liquids and place it in a security bin for X-ray inspection
  • Any liquids noted above as exceptions must be declared at the security checkpoint and may be subject to additional screening

As You Pack

  • Some items are prohibited in carry-on, checked baggage or both; see
  • Baggage locks must be TSA-approved (allows them to open a bag if needed for inspection)
  • Put your name and contact information on electronic devices
  • Firearms must be in checked bags, unloaded, and in a locked hard-sided container. You must declare them to the airline at check-in.

On to the Airport

  • Wear easily removed shoes
  • Allow plenty of time for security before your flight
  • Notify TSA or the airline if you need assistance due to a disability
  • Have a boarding pass and photo ID ready at security for inspection
  • At the checkpoint, remove the bag of liquids and place it in a bin
  • Empty your pockets and put everything in your carry-on bag
  • Remove your shoes
  • Place laptops and other electronics in a bin for inspection
  • Check the bins for your items before you leave security and head to the gate.

TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® has been implemented at PIE to make screening easier for many passengers. PreCheck® is an expedited security program that enables low-risk travelers to enjoy a more efficient screening process at more than 150 U.S. airports. TSA PreCheck® travelers do not need to remove shoes, 3-1-1 liquids or laptops from their carry-on luggage, light outerwear or belts. For more information from our PIE partners, visit,, or For more information from TSA about their PreCheck® process and requirements, go to

You can review the TSA’s complete checklist and download a copy at PIE thanks you for your cooperation with TSA’s security procedures and wishes you a pleasant trip!

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