Pack Like a Pro For Your Flight!

March 29, 2018

Planning a trip from St. Pete-Clearwater International (PIE) or heading to our beautiful area? Even when packing last minute, there is no reason you still can’t pack like a pro. Here are some tips to make your pre-trip packing a breeze.

Packing Like a Pro

Airlines do have weight limits for checked luggage, and you can also be charged per bag and for excess bags. So smart packing is the key. Here are some tips:

  • If traveling to colder weather, take your coat with you on the plane. Packing it takes up a lot of valuable space. Roll up softer clothes to prevent wrinkles.
  • Keep medications, car keys, and other important information with you on the plane instead of in your packed luggage... But be aware of TSA liquid regulations.
  • Wear heavier clothing and shoes and pack the lighter items.
  • Use resealable bags for any liquids, medications, or other products that could leak or come loose in your suitcases.
  • In your bags fill up your shoes with those chargers or smaller items not needed during the flight. Then add a pair of socks to keep them from sliding around... And it’s always sensible to pack heavier items at the bottom.
  • Don’t pack items needed by your kids during the flight; give each of them a small backpack to carry their own stuff.
  • If you are carrying lithium batteries for any reason, they must be in your carry-on, not in checked luggage.

Be Organized

  • Charge anything with a battery. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway to your destination and having the kids’ batteries run down, or you can’t finish watching that movie you downloaded to your tablet. And, don’t forget to take the chargers when you leave!
  • Before you leave download any movies or music you want with you. It’s faster on your home network and you won’t be using data on your phone if you don’t have an unlimited plan.
  • If your home will be empty while you are away, prepare your house for your absence. Empty perishables from the refrigerator, remove trash from the house, confirm any pets will be cared for, and adjust the air conditioning or heat before you leave. You may wish to consider turning off the water heater and shutting off the water if you plan to be away for more than a couple of days.
  • Get your trip documents ready. Confirm your seats in advance if possible, confirm all reservations for your hotels or rental cars, and have printed copies of everything even if you have it on your phone (in case your phone battery runs down).

Finally, Enjoy Your Trip!

Make sure to arrive at PIE at least two hours ahead of your scheduled flight. This will give you plenty of time for checking bags, security procedures, and getting to your gate. You can take a few minutes and enjoy our beautiful terminal and artwork here at PIE while you wait to depart. We thank you for using PIE for your travel plans — have a great trip!

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