Q&A: St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport

Before you depart from or arrive at St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport (PIE), here are some Q&As about our airport and services.


Q. What destinations does PIE serve?

A. A full list of our airlines and destinations can be viewed at http://www.fly2pie.com/flights-airlines/airlines-destinations.

Q. Where can I buy tickets?

A. Tickets can be purchased directly from the air carrier. It is possible to buy tickets at the airport on a limited basis...check with your airline for the available times to transact ticket purchases.

Q. What am I allowed to carry onboard the airplane?

A. Signs adjacent to the securing screening area display prohibited items, or you can check in advance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at http://www.tsa.gov/.

Q. Where do I check-in for my flight?

A. Go to the east end of the terminal for check-in and ticketing.

Q. When should I arrive for my flight?

A. It is recommended that you arrive at PIE two hours before your departure time for both national and international flights. This will provide plenty of time for baggage clearance and airport security procedures.

Q. Is it possible to obtain a wheelchair when I arrive at the airport?

A. You can arrange a wheelchair with the airline prior to your arrival. You may wish to arrange a companion security pass to assist you to the gate. PIE does not use Skycaps or Valet Services.

Q. Is the airport open 24 hours per day?

A. No, the airport closes after the last scheduled flight arrives and opens the next day prior to the first morning flights.

Q. Where can I find directions to the airport and other visitor information?

A. Visitor information and directions to PIE can be found at http://www.fly2pie.com/directions-parking/driving-directions.

Q. Where can I find a map of the airport terminal?

A. A map of PIE can be found at http://www.fly2pie.com/passenger-information/terminal-map.

Q. Is there Wi-Fi available at the airport terminal?

A. Yes, Wi-Fi is available and is identified as “Airport_Guest”.


Q. Where does my baggage arrive?

A. Baggage will be delivered to the baggage claim area. Display signs will show arriving flight information as bags are available on one of the four baggage belts.

Q. Where do I pick up my pet that was shipped on the airplane?

A. Pets will be brought in their pet carriers directly to the baggage claim area.

Q. What if I want to meet an incoming passenger? Can I go directly to their gate?

A. For incoming flights, check the gate number for the flight you are meeting. Gates 1 to 6 are at the east end of the terminal (adjacent to the main entrance) and gates 7 to 11 exit directly to the baggage claim area. You cannot go to the gate area to meet an incoming passenger without prior TSA or airline permission for, say, a medical emergency or meeting an unaccompanied minor. Contact your airline in advance for a companion gate access pass.

Q. Is wheelchair-capable transportation available?

A. Wheelchair transportation can be arranged through Wheelchair Transport Service by calling 727-586-2811.

Fly from St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport (PIE) on your next trip. For additional Q&As, visit http://www.fly2pie.com/passenger-information/q-a.