COVID Safe Activities to do in Clearwater, FL

Arial view of Clearwater Beach FL
Dec 20, 2020
The city of Clearwater is nestled in Pinellas County, FL. Just northwest of Tampa, Clearwater is east of the Gulf of Mexico and within driving distance of several popular beaches. We compiled a list of the top COVID-safe activities in Clearwater for the whole family!

The city of Clearwater is nestled in Pinellas County, FL. Just northwest of Tampa, Clearwater is east of the Gulf of Mexico and within driving distance of several popular beaches. Known for its inclusion in the Tampa Bay Area as well as the revered Clearwater Marine Aquarium, many travelers are heading to Clearwater to enjoy COVID-safe activities for a respite from quarantine.

While Clearwater is brimming with fun activities for the whole family, we need to take a harder and safer approach to the ones that we enjoy during these trying times. As coronavirus case numbers continue to hold steady, travelers need to take precautions.

To make their traveling easier, we have decided to compile a list of the top COVID-safe activities in Clearwater for the whole family!

COVID-Safe Activities You Can Enjoy in Clearwater, FL!

Clearwater is one of the most well-known destinations throughout Florida's Tampa Bay area. Revered for great weather and long coastlines, Clearwater offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy while maintaining COVID-19 safety practices. Before you pack your car and hit the road for Clearwater, consider spending some time with the following activities!

  • Visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium - The Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers entertainment fit for the whole family with a focus on environmental education. The aquarium has been an early adopter of COVID safety guidelines, thus promoting a safe and compliant experience for families of all ages. Clearwater Marine Aquarium is offering limited capacity, touchless transactions, and a fully-masked staff with mandatory temperature checks.

  • Take a Trip to Pier 60 - Researchers have extensively pointed to outdoor activities as the safest form of entertainment during COVID-19. Pier 60 is a fishing pier featuring more than 1,800 feet of entertainment. From picturesque views and hot fishing spots to jugglers and musicians, there is always something to enjoy.

  • Spend a Day at Caladesi Island State Park - Caladesi Island State Park offers a front-row seat to natural splendor. View the historic Scharrer Homestead before strolling on the beaches, spending time with your kayak, or exploring the mangrove forest.

  • Grab Some Sun At Clearwater Beach - Sun and social distancing are two components of a great COVID-safe activity. Clearwater Beach is one of the largest attractions in the area, routinely landing atop Florida's Favorite Beaches lists around the internet. Clearwater Beach is a hop and skip from Pier 60 as well as the adjoining Beach Walk.

Check out for more information on fun activities in the St. Pete-Clearwater area.

Now that we have a few ideas on what to do during our trip to Clearwater, let's take a moment to figure out how to make it a safe trip for everyone involved. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of repairs, so let's dig in!

How to Prepare For A Safe Trip During Coronavirus

Traveling during COVID-19 has long been considered one of the largest hurdles for individuals to overcome. As it is harder to maintain proper safety protocols regarding social distancing and viral avoidance away from the home, it is important to depart for our travel as prepared as possible.

While COVID cases continue to rise, some states are starting to report positive trends. To put your best foot forward for safe travel during COVID-19, consider following the tips listed below.

  • Wear a Mask or Face Shield - The easiest way to reduce your likelihood of contracting COVID-19 is by wearing a proper N95 mask or a protective face shield. According to the Institute of Health Metrics & Evaluation, more than 33 thousand deaths could be offset in winter if 95% of individuals wore masks.

  • Socially Distance - Maintaining adequate social distancing can help to reduce the potential of contracting COVID-19. When outdoors, stay six feet away from individuals not from your family unit. Adopt wearing your mask when social distancing is not possible.

  • Book a Reservation - Diminish your chances of overcrowded events by booking a reservation ahead of time at your destination of choice. Discuss your COVID concerns with your potential vacation destinations. Make sure to ask businesses what their COVID-19 policies are and take that into account when booking your visit.

  • Pack Hand Sanitizer - If you purchased stock in Purell this year, congrats! Hand sanitizer is your second line of defense against COVID-19. Pack extra bottles of hand sanitizer that features at least 60% alcohol by concentration. Apply liberally to your hands and rub for 30 seconds to allow the sanitizer to work properly.

  • Bring Replacement Masks - Viral load has been closely associated with increased risk of COVID-19. Bringing multiple masks for your trip will allow you to clean them as you go while always having a spare on hand. Unclean masks can cause more problems than they prevent, so get in the habit of taking proper cleaning precautions.

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